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The request of cosmetics product formula china SFDA submission

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(A) shall provide with the names of all the ingredients, the purpose of use, the composition range; Blend materials shall be declared in the form of blend formulation, and the percentage of each ingredients shall be marked. Exceptional case: ingredients shall be listed in descending order if products are with crystal water or the material has different molecular weight or structure, etc.

(B) the Chinese name of the formulation materials should be named according to INCI ; if the material has no name or not yet listed in INCI, it shall be named according to “China pharmacopoeia”, but not use of trade name or common name;

(C) Coloring agent should provide the reference NO. (CI NO.) according to "Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics"; (except for materials that have CI NO.  )

(D) ingredients derived from plants, animals, microorganisms, minerals and other raw materials, should provide their Latin name;

(E) Raw materials that contain animal organ extracts or blood product extracts should provide a proof of the source of raw materials, specifications and the permit of use of the primary producing country;

(F) Repacking formulation products (such as hair, perm products, etc.)or products that are with different formulation and packaged inside the non-splittable packaging shall listed the formulation separately.

(G) The proportion of the restricted materials that contained in mixtures shall be declared.