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Section Code Section Name Guide
  Section  01    Milk and dairy product; 乳及乳制品
  Section  02    Fats and oils, and fat emulsions; 脂肪,油和乳化脂肪制品
  Section  03    Frozen drinks; 冷冻饮品
  Section  04    Fruits and vegetables (including roots and tubers), pulses and legumes, mushrooms and fungi, seaweeds, and nuts and seeds; 水果、蔬菜(包括块根类)、豆类、食用菌、藻类、坚果以及籽类等
  Section  05    Cocoa products, chocolate, and chocolate products (including imitations and chocolate substitutes), and candies; 可可制品、巧克力和巧克力制品(包括代可可脂巧克力及制品)以及糖果
  Section  06    Cereals and cereal products, including starches from rice, wheat flour, coarse grains, roots and tubers, legumes, and corn ; 粮食和粮食制品,包括大米、面粉、杂粮、块根植物、豆类和玉米提取的淀粉等
  Section  07    Bakery wares; 焙烤食品
  Section  08    Meat and meat products; 肉及肉制品
  Section  09    Aquatic products (including fish, crustaceans, shellfish, mollusks, and echinode, and their processed products); 水产及其制品(包括鱼类、甲壳类、贝类、软体类、棘皮类等水产及其加工制品等)
  Section  10    Eggs and egg products; 蛋及蛋制品
  Section  11    Sweeteners, including honey; 甜味料,包括蜂蜜
  Section  12    Condiments; 调味品
  Section  13    Foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses; 特殊膳食用食品
  Section  14    Beverages; 饮料类
  Section  15    Alcoholic beverages; 酒类
  Section  16    Other foods; 其他类

Category_Code Category Name    Risk_Tags    Guide
  01.0    Milk and dairy product; 乳及乳制品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  01.01    Pasteurized milk, sterilized milk and modified milk; 巴氏杀菌乳、灭菌乳和调制乳 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  01.01.01    Pasteurized milk; 巴氏杀菌乳 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  01.01.02    Sterilized milk; 灭菌乳 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  01.01.03    Modified milk; 调制乳 Risky Food. .
  01.02    Fermented milk and flavored fermented milk; 发酵乳和风味发酵乳 Risky Food. .
  01.02.01    Fermented milk; 发酵乳 Risky Food. .
  01.02.02    Flavored fermented milk; 风味发酵乳 Risky Food. .
  01.03    Milk powder (sweetened milk powder), cream powder and modified milk powder; 乳粉(包括加糖乳粉)和奶油粉及其调制产品 Risky Food. .
  01.03.01    Milk powder and cream powder; 乳粉和奶油粉 Risky Food. .
  01.03.02    Modified milk powders and cream powders; 调制乳粉和调制奶油粉 Risky Food. .
  01.04    Condensed milk and analogues; 炼乳及其调制产品 Risky Food. .
  01.04.01    Condensed milk (plain); 淡炼乳(原味) Risky Food. .
  01.04.02    Modified condensed milk (including sweetened condensed milk, and modified condensed milk using non-diary ingredients, etc.); 调制炼乳(包括加糖炼乳及使用了非乳原料的调制炼乳等) Risky Food. .
  01.05    Cream and analogues; 稀奶油(淡奶油)及其类似品 Risky Food. .
  01.05.01    Cream; 稀奶油 Risky Food. .
  01.05.02    --; — Risky Food. .
  01.05.03    Modified cream; 调制稀奶油 Risky Food. .
  01.05.04    Cream analogues; 稀奶油类似品 Risky Food. .
  01.06    Cheese, processed cheese and analogues; 干酪和再制干酪及其类似品 Risky Food. .
  01.06.01    Unripened cheese; 非熟化干酪 Risky Food. .
  01.06.02    Ripened cheese; 熟化干酪 Risky Food. .
  01.06.03    Whey cheese; 乳清干酪 Risky Food. .
  01.06.04    Processed cheese; 再制干酪 Risky Food. .    Plain processed cheese; 普通再制干酪 Risky Food. .    Flavored processed cheese; 调味再制干酪 Risky Food. .
  01.06.05    Cheese analogues; 干酪类似品 Risky Food. .
  01.06.06    Whey protein cheese; 乳清蛋白干酪 Risky Food. .
  01.07    Milk-based flavor dessert or recombined product (excluding ice cream and flavored fermented milk); 以乳为主要配料的即食风味食品或其预制产品(不包括冰淇淋和风味发酵乳) Risky Food. .
  01.08    Other milk products (whey powder, casein powder, etc.); 其他乳制品(如乳清粉、酪蛋白粉等) Risky Food. .
  02.0    Fats and oils, and fat emulsions; 脂肪,油和乳化脂肪制品 Risky Food. .
  02.01    Fats and oils essentially free from water; 基本不含水的脂肪和油 Risky Food. .
  02.01.01    Vegetable oils and fats; 植物油脂 Risky Food. .    Vegetable oils; 植物油 Risky Food. .    Hydrogenated vegetable oil; 氢化植物油 Risky Food. .
  02.01.02    Animal fats (including lard, tallow, fish oil, and other animal fats); 动物油脂(包括猪油、牛油、鱼油和其他动物脂肪等) Risky Food. .
  02.01.03    Butter or milk fat free from water; 无水黄油,无水乳脂 Risky Food. .
  02.02    Fat emulsions mainly of type water-in-oil; 水油状脂肪乳化制品 Risky Food. .
  02.02.01    Emulsions containing 80% or more fats; 脂肪含量80 %以上的乳化制品 Risky Food. .    Butter and concentrated butter; 黄油和浓缩黄油 Risky Food. .    Margarine and similar products (e.g., butter-margarine blends); 人造黄油(人造奶油)及其类似制品(如黄油和人造黄油混合品) Risky Food. .
  02.02.02    Emulsions containing less than 80% fat; 脂肪含量80%以下的乳化制品 Risky Food. .
  02.03    Fat emulsions other than food category 02.02, including mixed and/or flavored products based on fat emulsions; 02.02类以外的脂肪乳化制品,包括混合的和(或)调味的脂肪乳化制品 Risky Food. .
  02.04    Fat-based dessert; 脂肪类甜品 Risky Food. .
  02.05    Other fat or oil products; 其他油脂或油脂制品 Risky Food. .
  04.0    Fruits and vegetables (including roots and tubers), pulses and legumes, mushrooms and fungi, seaweeds, and nuts and seeds; 水果、蔬菜(包括块根类)、豆类、食用菌、藻类、坚果以及籽类等 Risky Food. .
  06.0    Cereals and cereal products, including starches from rice, wheat flour, coarse grains, roots and tubers, legumes, and corn ; 粮食和粮食制品,包括大米、面粉、杂粮、块根植物、豆类和玉米提取的淀粉等 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  06.01    Crude cereal; 原粮 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  06.02    Rice and rice products; 大米及其制品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  06.02.01    Rice; 大米 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  06.02.02    Rice products; 大米制品 Risky Food. .
  06.02.03    Rice flour (including glutinous rice ball flour); 米粉(包括汤圆粉等) Risky Food. .
  06.02.04    Rice flour products; 米粉制品 Risky Food. .
  06.03    Wheat flour and its product; 小麦粉及其制品 Risky Food. .
  06.03.01    Wheat flour; 小麦粉 Risky Food. .    All purpose wheat flour; 通用小麦粉 Risky Food. .    Flour for special purposes (e.g. Self-rising flour, dumpling flour); 专用小麦粉(如自发粉、饺子粉等) Risky Food. .
  06.03.02    Wheat flour product; 小麦粉制品 Risky Food. .    Fresh pastas and noodles and similar products (e.g. Fresh noodles, wrap of dumplings/wontons/shuo mai); 生湿面制品(如面条、饺子皮、馄饨皮、烧麦皮) Risky Food. .    Dried pastas and noodles and similar products; 生干面制品 Risky Food. .    Fermented wheat flour product; 发酵面制品 Risky Food. .    Batters (e.g., for breading or batters for fish or poultry); 面糊(如用于鱼和禽肉的拖面糊)、裹粉、煎炸粉 Risky Food. .    Fried flour products; 油炸面制品 Risky Food. .
  06.04    Coarse grain flour and products; 杂粮粉及其制品 Risky Food. .
  06.04.01    Coarse grain flour; 杂粮粉 Risky Food. .
  06.04.02    Coarse grain product; 杂粮制品 Risky Food. .    Canned coarse grains; 杂粮罐头 Risky Food. .    Other coarse grain products; 其他杂粮制品 Risky Food. .
  06.05    Starch and starch products; 淀粉及淀粉类制品 Risky Food. .
  06.05.01    Edible starch; 食用淀粉 Risky Food. .
  06.05.02    Starch products; 淀粉制品 Risky Food. .
  08.0    Meat and meat products; 肉及肉制品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  08.01    Raw and fresh meat; 生、鲜肉 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  08.01.01    Fresh meat; 生鲜肉 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  08.01.02    Chilled meat (including chilled meat, frozen fresh meat and chilled fresh meat, etc.); 冷却肉(包括排酸肉、冰鲜肉、冷鲜肉等) Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  08.01.03    Frozen meat; 冻肉 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  08.02    Pre-processed meat product; 预制肉制品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  08.02.01    Flavored meat products (seasoned or flavored raw/fresh meat); 调理肉制品(生肉添加调理料) Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  08.02.02    Cured meat product (brined meat, preserved pork, preserved duck, Chinese-style ham, Chinese sausage, etc.); 腌腊肉制品类(如咸肉、腊肉、板鸭、中式火腿、腊肠) Risky Food. .
  08.03    Cooked meat products; 熟肉制品 Risky Food. .
  08.03.01    Thick gravy cooked meat; 酱卤肉制品类 Risky Food. .    Boiled meat; 白煮肉类 Risky Food. .    Sauce braised or stewed meat; 酱卤肉类 Risky Food. .    Steamed salted pork in wine; 糟肉类 Risky Food. .
  08.03.02    Smoked, baked or grilled meat products; 熏、烧、烤肉类 Risky Food. .
  08.03.03    Fried meat; 油炸肉类 Risky Food. .
  08.03.04    Western hams (grilled, smoked and steam boiled); 西式火腿(熏烤、烟熏、蒸煮火腿)类 Risky Food. .
  08.03.05    Sausage; 肉灌肠类 Risky Food. .
  08.03.06    Fermented meat products; 发酵肉制品类 Risky Food. .
  08.03.07    Cooked dried meat product; 熟肉干制品 Risky Food. .    Crushed dried meat; 肉松类 Risky Food. .    Dried meat; 肉干类 Risky Food. .    Meat crisp; 肉脯类 Risky Food. .
  08.03.08    Canned meat; 肉罐头类 Risky Food. .
  08.03.09    Other cooked meat products; 其他熟肉制品 Risky Food. .
  08.04    Edible casings (e.g., sausage casings); 肉制品的可食用动物肠衣类 Risky Food. .
  09.0    Aquatic products (including fish, crustaceans, shellfish, mollusks, and echinode, and their processed products); 水产及其制品(包括鱼类、甲壳类、贝类、软体类、棘皮类等水产及其加工制品等) Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.01    Fresh aquatic products; 鲜水产 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.02    Frozen aquatic products and their processed products; 冷冻水产品及其制品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.02.01    Frozen aquatic products; 冷冻水产品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.02.02    Frozen battered fish and fish products; 冷冻挂浆制品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.02.03    Frozen minced and creamed fish products (including fish balls); 冷冻鱼糜制品(包括鱼丸等) Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.03    Pre-processed fish and fish products (half-finished product); 预制水产品(半成品) Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.03.01    Fish and fish products, marinated and/or in jelly; 醋渍或肉冻状水产品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.03.02    Pickled fish and fish products; 脑制水产品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.03.03    Roe product; 鱼子制品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.03.04    Dried fish and fishery product; 风干、烘干、压干等水产品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  09.03.05    Other preserved fishery product (fish dumpling skin); 其他预制水产品(如鱼肉饺皮) Risky Food. .
  09.04    Fully preserved fish and fish products (can be directly consumed); 熟制水产品(可直接食用) Risky Food. .
  09.04.01    Cooked dried fishery product; 熟干水产品 Risky Food. .
  09.04.02    Fried or deep fried fish and fish products; 经烹调或油炸的水产品 Risky Food. .
  09.04.03    Smoked or grilled fish and fish products; 熏、烤水产品 Risky Food. .
  09.04.04    Fermented fish and fish products; 发酵水产品 Risky Food. .
  09.04.05    Sausages of fish; 鱼肉灌肠类 Risky Food. .
  09.05    Canned fish products; 水产品罐头 Risky Food. .
  09.06    Other fish and fish products; 其他水产品及其制品 Risky Food. .
  10.0    Eggs and egg products; 蛋及蛋制品 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  10.01    Fresh egg; 鲜蛋 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  10.02    Processed egg (no change of physical properties); 再制蛋(不改变物理性状) Risky Food. .
  10.02.01    Sauced egg; 卤蛋 Risky Food. .
  10.02.02    Salted egg in wine; 糟蛋 Risky Food. .
  10.02.03    Preserved egg; 皮蛋 Risky Food. .
  10.02.04    Salted egg; 咸蛋 Risky Food. .
  10.02.05    Other processed egg; 其他再制蛋 Risky Food. .
  10.03    Egg products (changed physical properties); 蛋制品(改变其物理性状) Risky Food. .
  10.03.01    Dehydrated egg product (e.g. Egg powder, egg white or yolk powder); 脱水蛋制品(如蛋白粉、蛋黄粉、蛋白片) Risky Food. .
  10.03.02    Heat-clotted egg product (e.g. Yolk cream, preserved egg sausage); 热凝固蛋制品(如蛋黄酪、松花蛋肠) Risky Food. .
  10.03.03    Liquid egg; 蛋液与液态蛋 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  10.04    Other egg products; 其他蛋制品 Risky Food. .
  11.0    Sweeteners, including honey; 甜味料,包括蜂蜜 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  11.03    Honey and pollen; 蜂蜜及花粉 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  11.03.01    Honey; 蜂蜜 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  11.03.02    Pollen; 花粉 Risky Food. Fresh Food.
  11.04    Table-top sweeteners; 餐桌甜味料 Risky Food. .
  11.05    Flavoring syrup; 调味糖浆 Risky Food. .
  11.05.01    Fruit flavoring syrup; 水果调味糖浆 Risky Food. .
  11.05.02    Other flavoring syrup; 其他调味糖浆 Risky Food. .
  11.06    Other sweeteners; 其他甜味料 Risky Food. .
  12.0    Condiments; 调味品 Risky Food. .
  12.01    Salt and salt substitute; 盐及代盐制品 Risky Food. .
  12.02    Flavor enhancer and taste enhancers; 鲜味剂和助鲜剂 Risky Food. .
  12.03    Vinegar; 醋 Risky Food. .
  12.03.01    Fermented vinegar; 酿造食醋 Risky Food. .
  12.03.02    Blended vinegar; 配制食醋 Risky Food. .
  12.04    Soy sauce; 酱油 Risky Food. .
  12.04.01    Fermented soy sauce; 酿造酱油 Risky Food. .
  12.04.02    Blended soy sauce; 配制酱油 Risky Food. .
  12.05    Paste and paste products; 酱及酱制品 Risky Food. .
  12.05.01    Fermented paste; 酿造酱 Risky Food. .
  12.05.02    Modified paste; 配制酱 Risky Food. .
  12.06    --; — Risky Food. .
  12.07    Cooking wine and products; 料酒及制品 Risky Food. .
  12.08    --; — Risky Food. .
  12.09    Herbs, spices, seasonings and condiments; 香辛料类 Risky Food. .
  12.09.01    Herbs, spices, seasonings and condiments powder; 香辛料及粉 Risky Food. .
  12.09.02    Herbs, spices, seasonings and condiments oil; 香辛料油 Risky Food. .
  12.09.03    Herbs, spices, seasonings and condiments paste (i.e. Mustard); 香辛料酱(如芥末酱、青芥酱) Risky Food. .
  12.09.04    Other herbs, spices, seasonings and condiments processed products; 其他香辛料加工品 Risky Food. .
  12.10    Blended condiment; 复合调味料 Risky Food. .
  12.10.01    Solid blended condiment; 固体复合调味料 Risky Food. .    Solid condiment for soup; 固体汤料 Risky Food. .    Chicken essence, chicken powder; 鸡精、鸡粉 Risky Food. .    Other solid blended condiments; 其他固体复合调味料 Risky Food. .
  12.10.02    Semi-solid blended condiments; 半固体复合调味料 Risky Food. .    Mayonnaise, salad dressing; 蛋黄酱、沙拉酱 Risky Food. .    Animal-based condiment sauce; 以动物性原料为基料的调味酱 Risky Food. .    Vegetable-based condiment sauce; 以蔬菜为基料的调味酱 Risky Food. .    Other semi-solid blended condiments; 其他半固体复合调味料 Risky Food. .
  12.10.03    Blended condiment in liquid (excluding products of the category 12.03, 12.04); 液体复合调味料(不包括12.03、12.04) Risky Food. .    Concentrated soup (canned or bottled); 浓缩汤(罐装、瓶装) Risky Food. .    Meat or bone soup; 肉汤、骨汤 Risky Food. .    Clear sauces; 调味清汁 Risky Food. .    Oyster sauce, shrimp oil, fish gravy; 蚝油、虾油、鱼露等 Risky Food. .
  12.11    Other condiments; 其他调味料 Risky Food. .
  13.0    Foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses; 特殊膳食用食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.01    Infant formula; 婴幼儿配方食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.01.01    Infant formulae food; 婴儿配方食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.01.02    Follow-up formula; 较大婴儿和幼儿配方食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.01.03    Formula for special medical purposes for infants; 特殊医学用途婴儿配方食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.02    Complementary foods for infants and young children; 婴幼儿辅助食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.02.01    Cereal-based complementary foods for infants and young children; 婴幼儿谷类辅助食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.02.02    Canned complementary foods for infants and young children; 婴幼儿罐装辅助食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.03    Nutritional supplements(Dietary supplements), Functional health foods; 营养补充剂,保健食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.04    Formula for special medical purposes; 特殊医学用途配方食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.05    Other foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses; 其他特殊膳食用食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  14.07    Drink for special uses; 特殊用途饮料 Risky Food. . Special Food
      Egg And Egg Products; 蛋及制品类 Medium. .
      Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials Of Animal And Plant Origin; 中药材类 Medium. .
      Grains And Grain Products; 粮谷及制品类 Medium. .
      Oil And Oil Seeds; 油脂及油料类 Medium. .
      Vegetable And Vegetable Products; 蔬菜及制品类 Medium. .
      Processed Flavorings Of Plant Origin; 植物性调料类 Medium. .
      Dried Fruits And Nuts; 干坚果类 Medium. .
      Bee Products; 蜂产品类 Medium. .
      Foods For Special Dietary Uses; 特殊食品类 Medium. .
      Meat; 肉类 High. .
      Aquatic Products And Preserved Aquatic Products; 水产及制品类 High. .
      Dairy Products; 乳制品类 High. .
      Bird Nest Products; 燕窝产品类 High. .
      Pelagic Fishery ** ; 境外远洋捕捞 High. .
      Sugar ; 糖类 Low. .
      Canned Foods ; 罐头类 Low. .
      Other Processed Foods ; 其他加工食品类 Low. .
      Tea ; 茶叶类 Low. .
      Soft Drinks And Drinking Water ; 饮料类 Low. .
      Alcoholic Beverage ; 酒类 Low. .
      Processed Flavorings ; 调味品类 Low. .
      Other Plant Origin Food ; 其他植物源性食品类 Low. .
      Pastry Biscuits And Crackers ; 糕点饼干类 Low. .
      Cigarette ; 卷烟类 Low. .
      Candied (Preserved) Fruits ; 蜜饯类 Low. .
      Roasted Seeds And Nuts; 炒货食品及坚果制品 Medium. .
      Egg Products; 蛋制品 Medium. .
      Bee Products; 蜂产品 Medium. .
      Cereal And Grain Products; 粮食加工品 Medium. .
      Edible Oil And Fat; 食用油、油脂及其制品 Medium. .
      Vegetable Products; 蔬菜制品 Medium. .
      Quick Frozen Foods; 速冻食品 Medium. .
      Food For Special Dietary Uses; 特殊膳食食品 Medium. .
      Fruit Products; 水果制品 Medium. .
      Processed Flavorings; 调味品 Medium. .
      Starch And Starch Products; 淀粉及淀粉制品 Medium. .
      Meat And Meat Products; 肉类 High. .
      Dairy Products(Except Infant Formula Dairy Product ); 乳制品(婴幼儿配方乳品除外) High. .
      Fish And Fishery Products; 水产品 High. .
      Cubilose; 燕窝 High. .
      Infant Formula Dairy Products; 婴幼儿配方乳品 High. .
      Biscuits; 饼干 Low. .
      Tea; 茶叶及相关制品 Low. .
      Bean Products; 豆制品 Low. .
      Instant Food; 方便食品 Low. .
      Pastry Food; 糕点食品 Low. .
      Canned Food; 罐头 Low. .
      Alcoholic Beverages(Beer,Wine,Spirits And Other Fermented Beverages); 酒类 Low. .
      Cocoa Products And Roasted Coffee; 可可及制品焙烤咖啡 Low. .
      Ice Cream And Other Edible Ice; 冷冻饮品 Low. .
      Other Processed Food; 其它食品 Low. .
      Sugar; 食糖 Low. .
      Potato Products And Puffed Food; 薯类和膨化食品 Low. .
      Confection Products(Including Chocolate And Chocolate Products); 糖果制品(含巧克力及其制品) Low. .
      Soft Drinks And Drinking Water; 饮料 Low. .
      Stuffed Wheaten Products; 包馅面食 Medium. 5.
      Edible Fats, Oils And Oilseeds; 食用油脂和油料 Medium. 4.
      Eggs And Egg Products; 蛋与蛋制品 Medium. 3.
      Sausage Casings; 肠衣 Medium. 1.
      Foods For Special Dietary Purposes; 特殊膳食食品 Medium. 13.
      Bird Nests And Bird Nest Products; 燕窝与燕窝制品 High. .
      Dried Fruits; 干果 Medium. 12.
      Bee Products; 蜂产品 Medium. 2.
      Unroasted Coffee Beans And Cocoa Beans; 未烘焙的咖啡豆与可可豆 Medium. 9.
      Condiments; 调味料 Medium. 10.
      Nuts And Seeds; 坚果与籽类 Medium. 11.
      Fresh And Dehydrated Vegetables And Dried Beans; 保鲜和脱水蔬菜以及干豆 Medium. 8.
      Dairy Products; 乳品 High. .
      Edible Grains; 食用谷物 Medium. 6.
      Milled Grain Industry Products And Malt; 谷物制粉工业产品和麦芽 Medium. 7.
      Aquatic Products; 水产品 High. .
      Meat And Meat Products; 肉与肉制品 High. .
      Health Foods.; 保健食品 Medium. 14.
      Infant formula milk products; 婴幼儿配方乳品 High. 5.
      Fish; 鱼类 High. .
      Crustacean; 甲壳类 High. .
      Mollusca; 软体类 High. .
      Echinoderm; 棘皮类 High. .
      Jellyfish; 水母类 High. .
      Aquatic Plant; 水生植物类 High. .
      Others; 其他类 High. .
      Pasteurized milk **; 巴氏杀菌乳 High. .
      Sterilized milk **; 灭菌乳 High. .
      Modified milk **; 调制乳 High. .
      other disinfection milk **; 其他消毒乳 High. .
      Fermented milk **; 发酵乳 High. .
      Flavored fermented milk **; 发酵风味乳 High. .
      milk powder ; 乳粉 High. .
      whole milk powder ; 全脂乳粉 High. .
      partly skimmed milk powder ; 部分脱脂乳粉 High. .
      sweetened milk powder ; 全脂加糖乳粉 High. .
      skimmed milk powder ; 脱脂乳粉 High. .
      flavoured milk powder ; 调味乳粉 High. .
      formula milk powder ; 配方乳粉 High. .
      fortified formula milk powder ; 营养强化配方乳粉 High. .
      other milk powder ; 其他乳粉 High. .
      butter ; 黄油 High. .
      cream ; 稀奶油 High. .
      other milkfat ; 其他奶油 High. .
      condensed milk ; 炼乳 High. .
      sweetened condensed milk ; 加糖炼乳 High. .
      evaporated milk ; 无糖炼乳 High. .
      other condensed milk ; 其他炼乳 High. .
      cheese ; 干酪 High. .
      hard cheese ; 硬质干酪 High. .
      other cheese ; 其他奶酪 High. .
      demineralized whey powder ; 脱盐乳清粉 High. .
      whey powder ; 乳清粉 High. .
      whey protein concentrate ; 乳清浓缩蛋白粉 High. .
      other whey powder ; 其他乳清粉 High. .
      other milk and milk product ; 其他乳与乳制品 High. .
      infant formula milk powder **; 婴幼儿配方乳粉 High. .
      infant formula liquid milk **; 婴幼儿配方液态乳 High. .
      Processing Plant; 加工企业 Medium. .
      Cold Store; 独立冷库 Medium. .
      Dry store; 常温储存企业 Medium. .
      Raw Clean Edible Birdnest; 食用燕窝 High. .
      Edible Birdnest Products (Bottled Bird Nest Beverage); 燕窝制品(瓶装燕窝饮料) High. .
      HS 1601: Sausages and similar, of meat, offal or blood: Food preparations; 肉、内脏或血制的香肠及类似品:食品制剂 High. .
      HS 1602: Other prepared or preserved meat, offal or blood; 其他加工或腌制的肉、内脏或血 High. .
      HS 0201: Bovine animals: Fresh or chilled; 牛类动物:新鲜或冷藏 High. .
      HS 0202: Bovine animals: Frozen; 牛类动物:冷冻 High. .
      HS 0203: Swine: Fresh, chilled or frozen; 猪:新鲜、冷藏或冷冻 High. .
      HS 0204: Meat of sheep or goats: Fresh, chilled or frozen; 绵羊或山羊肉:新鲜、冷藏或冷冻 High. .
      HS 0205: Meat of horses, asses, mules and hinnies: Fresh, chilled or frozen; 马肉、驴肉、骡肉和驴肉:新鲜、冷藏或冷冻 High. .
      HS 0208: Other meat and edible offal: Fresh, chilled or frozen; 其他肉类和食用内脏:新鲜、冷藏或冷冻 High. .
      HS 0210: Meat and meat offal that are salted, in brine, dried or smoked; 腌制、盐水、干燥或熏制的肉类和内脏 High. .
      HS 0206: Offal of bovine, swine, goats, sheep, horses, mules, hinnies or asses: Fresh, chilled or frozen; 牛,猪,山羊,绵羊,马,骡,驴或驴的内脏:新鲜,冷藏或冷冻 High. .
      HS 0207: Meat and edible offal of poultry: Fresh, chilled or frozen; 家禽肉类和可食用内脏:新鲜、冷藏或冷冻 High. .
      Vegetables and their products (except fresh and dehydrated vegetables); 蔬菜及其制品(保鲜和脱水蔬菜除外) Low. .
      Processed grain and their products; 粮食制品以及其他产品 Low. .
      Tea; 茶叶类 Low. .
      Processed Nuts and seed products; 坚果及籽类制品 Low. .
      Alcoholic beverages; 酒类 Low. .
      Beverages and frozen drinks; 饮料及冷冻饮品 Low. .
      Biscuits, pastries, bread; 饼干、糕点、面包 Low. .
      Sugars (including raw sugar, table sugar, lactose, syrup, etc.); 糖类(包括原糖、食糖、乳糖、糖浆等) Low. .
      Candy, chocolate (including chocolate, cocoa butter substitute chocolate and its products); 糖果、巧克力(包括巧克力、代可可脂巧克力及其制品) Low. .
      Condiments (not including sugar); 调味品(不包括食糖) Low. .
      Roasted coffee beans, cocoa beans and their products (excluding chocolate); 经烘焙的咖啡豆、可可豆及其制品(不包括巧克力) Low. .
      Fruit products (excluding dried fruits); 水果制品 Low. .
      Chinese herbal medicine; 中药材 Low. .
      Other processed food,please describe:; 其他杂项食品,请描述; Low. .

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