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HS Code: 2918990021

2,4-d, 2, 4- Dichlorprop-p, 2, 4-Embutox(including J2, 4-Dichlorprop-p )


  •  China 13-digits CIQ code of 2918990021:
  • HS code CIQ code CIQ Name CIQ Supervision Code









  •  China HS code 2918990021 CIQ Inspection and Quarantine Requirements: 无
  • CIQ Inspection Code CIQ Supervision Mode Foreign Producer GACC Register Foreign Exporter GACC Register Products Pre_market Approval Chinese Labeling & Formula CIQ Preview GACC Quarantine License

  •  China 8-digits HS code 29189900 Customs Classification Examples
  • 8-digits HS code Commodity Example of Chinese Name Specification


    甲氧基亚甲基丙二酸二甲酯 C7H1005 98% 医药中间体


    甲氧基肉桂酸辛酯 甲氧基肉桂酸辛酯100%


    二甲基丙烯酸辛戊基乙二醇 含量:100%,分子式:C13H20O4.


    二甲基丙烯酸辛戊基乙二醇 含量100%,分子式:C13H20O4


    MMB-AC三甲氧基-甲基-丁脂 油漆 三甲氧基-甲基-丁酯100%


    EEP乙氧基丙酸乙脂 油漆生产用溶


    2-甲氧基苯甲酸 C8H8O3纯度:99.4%香料,医药,防腐


    2- 乙酰基 -1.2.3-丙三羧酸三丁 可塑剂 纯度100%


    禾草灵原药 乳氟禾草灵 DICLOFOP-METHYL 96% MIN TECH


    2,4-滴原药 2,4-D TECH
  •  Foreign Food Products Export China Compliance Services:
  • Project Authority Introduction Apply
    GACC Registration
    In April 2021, the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) released two revised decrees;

    The first decree is the "
    Regulations on the Registration and Administration of Overseas Producers of Imported Food " (GACC Decree 248), which will require all overseas food manufacturers, processors, and storage facilities to register with the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC).

    The second decree is the "
    Administrative Measures on Import and Export Food Safety" (GACC Decree 249), which covers a broad range of requirements on food exports to China, including overseas facilities registration, record filing by importers and exporters, quarantine and inspection, and product labeling.

    According to the provisions of GACC Decree 249 Article 15, the GACC registration number of overseas production enterprises needs to be printed on the
    Chinese Labeling of imported food, then can pass  the China Customs Clearance process normally.

    Both Decree 248 and Decree 249 are slated to enter into force on January 1, 2022.
    Chinese Labeling CIQ Preview
    According to the requirements of the "Chinese Food Safety Law", all imported food must have Chinese labeling, and the elements of the Chinese label must comply with the relevant label regulations and GB standards;
    The Chinese labeling samples must be submitted to CIQ for inspection before customs clearance ;
    Ingresients Formula CIQ Preview
    According to China's food safety regulations, all imported food formula ingredients must in the NHC ( National Health Commission of China ) approved list, including food additives, edible colorings, nutritional supplements, etc
    Moreover, the NHC has strict regulations on each food additive ingredient, which category of food can be used, and the limit of the content used;
    During the China Customs clearance process, the CIQ (Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of China) will inspect the ingredients formula list of each imported food, If does not meet the requirements of formula ingredients, It will not be cleared.
    Pre_market Approval of SAMR & MOA
    Special food categories need to apply for SAMR registration, and only after obtaining SAMR approval, then can be sold in China legally ;

    Special food categories include:  Infant Formula Food, Nutritional supplements (Dietary supplements), Functional Health Food, Special Medical Purpose (FSMP), etc.

    And genetically modified foods(GMOs), pet foods, animal feeds,etc.  Need to apply for "MOA-Ministry of Agriculture of China" registration and obtain the corresponding licenses / certificates, then can be imported into China ;