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List of China GACC Approved Oversea Exporter(GACC-2-1 type) 


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1. If you find out your enterprise has multiple GACC-2-1 registration numbers, and you did not register them by yourself, then these GACC registration numbers were registered in the old AQSIQ system by the previous importers without your authorization , and the GACC will clean up these duplicate AQSIQ Registration Number in the future ;

2.The AQSIQ has been abolished in 2018. The old AQSIQ registration number for manufacturer and exporter have been invalidated after 2022;

3. From 2022, the GACC-1 producer registration numbers have upgraded to 18 digits ( e.g. CTHA 24022110201234 ) , the previous letter is the country code, the new 18-digit GACC registration number needs to be printed on the Chinese label of imported food .

GACC-1 Overseas Producers  GACC-2-1 Overseas Exporters GACC-3-1 Chinese Importers
NOTE:Only with GACC-2-1 type general exporter registration number, can't export to China,
Both producers and products must have GACC registration numbers too, with these 3 type GACC registrations, then can export to China.
GACC-2-1 Expoter Register No. Company Name Country Type Issued year Status
72423000154 Unión Campesina Iniestense 西班牙(Spain)   Exporter Trader 2023
38013000761 Torrefazione Mokaflor srl 意大利(Italy)   Exporter Trader 2013 Inactive
70423000246 NAM TRUNG SEAFOOD IMPORT AND EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED 越南(Viet Nam)   Exporter Trader 2023
70423000245 VIETNAM ORGANIC NUTRITIONAL FOOD JOINT STOCK COMPANY 越南(Viet Nam)   Exporter Trader 2023
68823000006 ES KOMERC d.o.o 塞尔维亚共和国(Republic of Serbia)   Exporter Trader 2023
27623000113 GREELAND SEAFOOD WILHELMSHAVEN GMBH 德国(Germany)   Exporter Trader 2023
34423000532 GeneHarbor(Hong Kong) Biotechnologies Limited 中国香港(Hong Kong(CHINA))   Exporter Trader 2023
75612000019 NATUREX AG 瑞士(Switzerland)   Exporter Trader 2012 Inactive
04013000090 Keringer massiv wine GmbH 奥地利(Austria)   Exporter Trader 2013 Inactive
55419000143 FIX AND FOGG LIMITED 新西兰(New Zealand)   Exporter Trader 2019
15212002384 PREMIUM WINES S.A. 智利(Chile)   Exporter Trader 2012 Inactive
25014000197 TIPIAK TRAITEUR PATISSIER SAS 法国(France)   Exporter Trader 2014 Inactive
27620000189 Seeberger Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung 德国(Germany)   Exporter Trader 2020
03623000209 Harmony Agriculture and Food Company Pty Ltd 澳大利亚(Australia)   Exporter Trader 2023
70423000244 BRANCH OF GIA THANH TRADING BUSINESS COMPANY LIMITED 越南(Viet Nam)   Exporter Trader 2023
34423000531 MIXMAX CHINA LIMITED 中国香港(Hong Kong(CHINA))   Exporter Trader 2023
84023000243 HILL VIEW PACKING CO.,INC 美国(United States)   Exporter Trader 2023
64323000215 “MAGADANTRALFLOT”LLC 俄罗斯(Russia)   Exporter Trader 2023
75619000050 K?gi S?hne AG 瑞士(Switzerland)   Exporter Trader 2019
39223000222 Qvou Inc 日本(Japan)   Exporter Trader 2023
34423000530 KAI FAT FOOD CO., LTD. 中国香港(Hong Kong(CHINA))   Exporter Trader 2023
39223000223 Co-medical Co.,Ltd. 日本(Japan)   Exporter Trader 2023
64323000214 “JSC”BLAF" 俄罗斯(Russia)   Exporter Trader 2023
70223000092 CHINA COMMERCIAL FOREIGN TRADE (SINGAPORE) PTE., LTD. 新加坡(Singapore)   Exporter Trader 2023
72423000153 BODEGAS ARAGONESAS S.A. 西班牙(Spain)   Exporter Trader 2023
25023000235 SARL Etablissements Fmacois JANOUEIX 法国(France)   Exporter Trader 2023
64323000213 AKROS FISHING JSC 俄罗斯(Russia)   Exporter Trader 2023
34423000529 TREX INTERNATIONAL CO LIMITED 中国香港(Hong Kong(CHINA))   Exporter Trader 2023
12423000072 ARTISAN FOOD AND BEVERAGE GROUP DBA BC WINE STUDIO 加拿大(Canada)   Exporter Trader 2023
72423000152 ALCODIS BEBIDAS Y LICORES S.L. 西班牙(Spain)   Exporter Trader 2023
70212000025 LACTO ASIA PTE LTD 新加坡(Singapore)   Exporter Trader 2012 Inactive
70212000232 LACTO ASIA PTE LTD. 新加坡(Singapore)   Exporter Trader 2012 Inactive
03620000217 Australian United Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd 澳大利亚(Australia)   Exporter Trader 2020
03212000379 PEDRO MOSCUZZA E HIJOS S.A 阿根廷(Argentina)   Exporter Trader 2012 Inactive
41019000855 BLUE ICE INC. 韩国(Korea, Republic of)   Exporter Trader 2019
38014001282 BABBI SRL 意大利(Italy)   Exporter Trader 2014 Inactive
57812000006 BRODRENE SPERRE AS 挪威(Norway)   Exporter Trader 2012 Inactive
72413002140 HACIENDA LA SERRATA,S.L. 西班牙(Spain)   Exporter Trader 2013 Inactive
20313000114 Fruko-Schulz s.r.o. 捷克(Czech Republic)   Exporter Trader 2013 Inactive
03620000361 EZZ Life Science Holdings Pty Ltd 澳大利亚(Australia)   Exporter Trader 2020
14413000039 EMPIRE TEAS(PVT) LTD 斯里兰卡(Sri Lanka)   Exporter Trader 2013 Inactive
03613001764 Australian Health Industry Co. Pty Ltd 澳大利亚(Australia)   Exporter Trader 2013 Inactive
03622000038 EZZ LIFE SCIENCE HOLDINGS LIMITED 澳大利亚(Australia)   Exporter Trader 2022
25017000957 WBA export BV 法国(France)   Exporter Trader 2017 Inactive
03619000908 ZIRUI TRADING PTY LTD 澳大利亚(Australia)   Exporter Trader 2019
70419000412 Nestle Vietnam Ltd. 越南(Viet Nam)   Exporter Trader 2019
70423000243 RITA FOOD AND DRINK CO.,LTD 越南(Viet Nam)   Exporter Trader 2023
20323000004 ARIX a.s 捷克(Czech Republic)   Exporter Trader 2023
12412000508 MOOSEHEAD BREWERIES LTD 加拿大(Canada)   Exporter Trader 2012 Inactive
38014000567 PASTIFICIO ATTILIO MASTROMAURO GRANORO SRL 意大利(Italy)   Exporter Trader 2014 Inactive

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