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According to China's food safety regulations, all imported food formula ingredients must in the NHC ( National Health Commission of China ) approved list, including food additives, edible colorings, nutritional supplements, etc
Moreover, the NHC has strict regulations on each food additive ingredient, which category of food can be used, and the limit of the content used;
During the China Customs clearance process, the CIQ (Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of China) will inspect the ingredients formula list of each imported food, If does not meet the requirements of formula ingredients, It will not be cleared.
  •  China NHC Permitted Food Additives :additive
  • CNS_Code Food Additive Name Additive Chinese Name Source Function Use Limit Range%
    416 karaya gum ͩ Stabilizer Paid Service
    127 erythrosine, erythrosine aluminum lake ޺켰ɫ Color Paid Service
    Tea Polyphenol Palmitate Antioxidant Paid Service
    417 tara gum ʵ Thickener Paid Service
    471 mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids ˫֬ᡢᡢᡢɽᡢӲ֬ᡢ¹ᡢᣩ Emulsifier Paid Service
    1420 starch acetate Thickener Paid Service
    160c paprika oleoresin ֬ Flavor enhancerColor Paid Service
    1520 propylene glycol Stabilizer and coagulantAnticaking agentAntifoaming agentEmulsifierHumectant(water retention agent)Thickener Paid Service
    160d(i) lycopene Ѻ Color Paid Service
    160e -Apo-8-carotenal £ӣ8ܲȩ Color Paid Service
    tea polyphenol(TP) ӣάӣ Antioxidant Paid Service
    501ii potassium hydrogen carbonate ̼ Acidity regulator Paid Service
    141ii chlorophyllin copper complex, sodium and potassium salts ҶͭΣҶͭ Color Paid Service
    uguisukagura red Color Paid Service
    920 L-cysteine and its hydrochlorides sodium and potassium salts L-װ Flour treatment agent Paid Service
    280;281;282 propionic acid, sodium propionate, calcium propionate ἰΡ Preservative Paid Service
    415 xanthan gum ԭ StabilizerThickener Paid Service
    477 propylene glycol esters of fatty acid ֬ EmulsifierStabilizer Paid Service
    red kojic rice, monascus red ף Color Paid Service
    orange yellow ٻ Color Paid Service
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