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Test items for Health Food SAMR Registration

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When declaring for health food, the following tests must be conducted: safety test (toxicology), function test, stability test, hygiene inspection, efficacy / Iconic composition validation test. According to the product's features and material properties, the following tests might be required to be conducted as well: declare hormone, doping, strain identification test, raw material species identification.

For the nutrient supplements are not required to test for functional study. Use of "vitamins, minerals compound list" (State Food and Drug Administration Note [2005] No. 202) within the items, the production of raw materials, process and quality standards conform to relevant regulations, and generally not required to provide safety toxicology report.

Health testing, including physical and chemical testing and microbiological testing. Physical and chemical testing of products is mainly for testing physical and chemical indicators, such as pollution indicators (lead, arsenic, mercury), effective ingredients, disintegration and so on. Microbial detection is to detect microbial indicators of products, such as coliform bacteria, total bacteria, mold, yeast, bacteria and so on.

Stability testing is to test products in the claimed shelf life stability of the indicators, the test items and hygiene items testing the same. For new products, generally accelerated stability test, detection times were placed in the product 40 ℃, humidity under 70% of 1 month, 2 months, 3 months for.

Safety testing, product safety is a toxicology test. According to the different product formulations, toxicology testing program is different. General product should be the first and second phase of testing, some products should be done 90 days or deeper stages of feeding toxicology examination.
Function examination, the jury in accordance with accepted national standards or test methods, the function of the product claims to test.

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