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Imported Cosmetics Chinese Label CIQ Filing

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According to the Imported Cosmetics Chinese Labeling   regulation of the General Administration of People’s Republic of China for Quality Supervision & Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ),  all imported Cosmetic Chinese  labels must be inspected by local Port China Inspection and Quarantine Beaue (CIQ) departments.  

CIQ review items include the formats, layouts, text explanations, graphics and symbols printed on the Imported Cosmetics Chinese  label, all  these items need compliance with relevant china standards.

If Cosmetics Chinese Label meet the relevant china standards, local Port CIQ will issue a filing Number to this Label, then the Cosmetics Goods can be release by CIQ and Customs.

  • Imported Cosmetics Chinese Label CIQ filing Application documents:

    1.Chinese Label CIQ filing Application Form

    2.CFDA register Certificate for Imported Cosmetics

    3.Package /Label  and electronic Design Images

    4.Chinese Translation of Original label

    5.Chinese Label and electronic Design Images.

    6.Product Formula with percent

    7.Authorization Letter issued by China Responsible Agent

    8.Authorization Letter issued by Manufacturer

    9.CIQ filing Receipt of Consignee

    10.Certificate of Free Sales

    11.Other CIQ required documents

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