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CFDA Registration expense and timetable for Healthy food

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In China, Health Foods are divided into 2 parts, they are Nutritional supplements (Dietary supplements) and Function Healthy Foods

1. Nutritional supplements (Dietary supplements) : Such as:Vitamin, Calcium tablet, etc. Nutritional supplements only can be made nutrient content claims.

2. Function Healthy Foods : Such as: Deep Sea Fish Oil, Ginseng tablets, etc.. Function Healthy Foods can be made health claims or structure/function claims,

l The following is the CFDA registration general cost for Healthy Foods

1.The CFDA relation goverment fees(charge According to the actual cost):




Toxicology, hygienic, stability, active ingredient tests:

Both Nutritional supplements and Function Healthy Foods are required,

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4 Months

Function Tests & Human Trial Study

Function Healthy Foods Only

Animal study only:

1. Enhancing immune systems

2. Sleep improvement

3. Alleviating physical fatigue

4. Enhancing anoxia endurance

5. Irradiation hazard protection function

6. Increasing bone density

7. Assisting liver protection against injury

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6-9 Months

Human study only:

8. Alleviating eye fatigue

9. Eliminating acne

10. Eliminating skin pigmentation

11. Improving skin ability to retain moisture

12. Improving skin oil content function

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8-12 Months

Both Animal & Human studies are required:

13. Assisting blood lipids reduction

14. Assisting blood sugar reduction

15. Anti-oxidative function

16. Assisting memory improvement

17. Alleviating lead excretion

18. Improving throat function

19. Assisting blood pressure reduction

20. Facilitating milk secretion

21. Assisting weigh control

22. Improving child growth

23. Improving nutritional anemia

24. Regulating gastrointestinal flora

25. Facilitating digestion (regularity)

26. Facilitating bowel movement

27. Protection of gastric mucosa

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12-18 Months

Doping test: only for the 3 functions of the follow

3. Alleviating physical fatigue

21. Assisting weigh control

22. Improving child growth

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1 Months

CFDA Evaluation & Approval

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6 Months


18-24 Months

l Multi-function claim, need more time and expense.

2.The china legal agent service Fees:

1) for Nutritional Supplements (Dietary supplements) :


Agent Fees



China CFDA Registration consulting & Legal responsibility Agency

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0.5-1 Months

Technical documents Prepare & Translation

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0.5-1 Months

CFDA Application Dossier Draft, Review & Submit

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1 - 2 Months

Toxicology, hygienic, stability, active ingredient tests follow up

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4 - 6 Months

CFDA Evaluation & Approval follow up

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6 - 8 Months

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