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Foreign Dairy Products china GACC / CNCA registration

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Since this year, the Chinese dairy security situation is very serious, the Chinese government strengthened the dairy industry regulation.

May 1, 2013, china has implemented a new dairy regulations, "The supervision and management regulation of imported and exported dairy products", In order to ensure the quality and safety of imported dairy products and to regulate the administration of such products, The General Administration of Quality Supervision has implemented a multi-tiered supervision system with regard to imported dairy products. As of May 2013, a registration system has been in effect for those foreign food manufacturing enterprises exporting dairy products to the mainland, while a filing system has also been imposed on foreign dairy products exporters and their agents.

Dairy products are refers to the processed foods producted by milk as the main raw material , such as: pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, milk, fermented milk, cheese and modulation to cheese, cream, butter, anhydrous butter, condensed milk, whey protein powder and milk powder, whey powder, infant formula food, etc.

GACC requires overseas food producers that export dairy products to China need to register in its system. The registration shall be implemented as required by the general administration. CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of China) shall organize experts or designated agency overseas food production enterprises where the national (regional) authority or other prescribed manner the information submitted for review, and in accordance with the work requirements, the composition of the assessment team to conduct field assessment, The registration is valid for four years.

The overseas exporters or agents that export dairy products to China shall register under GACC. Exporters or agents that apply for the registration shall provide information as required, and are responsible for the authenticity of the information. The registration information is made public by GACC.

Foreign Dairy Products import to china service item and cost:

1 Foreign Dairy manufacturing enterprise CNCA registration 1 company Contact us 4-12 months 4 years Need GMP or HACCP certification
2 Foreign Food Exporter/Agent GACC registration 1 company Contact us 2-4 weeks 1 years  
3 Prepackaged Dairy Food Chinese Label translation, design, and CIQ approval Per Product Contact us 2-4 months 2 years  
4 Initial Dairy Food safety testing (Full items) Per Product Contact us 1-2months 1 years Depend on Each Test Items
5 Domestic Dairy Importer Registration 1 company Contact us. 1-2 weeks 1 years  
6 Apply for Dairy Products Import License Per Product Contact us 1-2 months 6 months  (For Domestic importer)
7 Apply for entry animals and plants License (For Domestic importer) 1 company Contact us 1-2 months 6 months Raw & Pasteurised Milk Products Only
8 Apply for entry animals and plants quarantine approval Per Product Contact us 1-2 weeks once Raw & Pasteurised Milk Products Only
9 Apply for CIQ quarantine and inspection, get the Dairy Foods Health certificate. Per Product Contact us 2-4 weeks once Depend on Each Test Items 
10 Dairy Foods Customs clearance, 1 container Contact us 1-2 weeks once  

The government official charge as According to the actual charge, depend on the types of goods, quantity, and value, include
1 TAX: VAT, Customs, Consumption Tax
2 DOCK COST: THC/ORC, delivery charge, storage charge, security charge, etc.