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Dairy Products Subsequent Import to China,CIQ test itmes

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On January 24th, 2013, The State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) announced the "Supervision and Administration of Inspection and Quarantine of Imported and Exported Dairy Products" (AQSIQ Decree No. 152, hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), which will be implemented from May 1st, 2013.1

Foreign Dairy manufacturing enterprise intend exporting dairy products to China, must be registered in the AQSIQ registration system.

For the first import of dairy products, the Foreign Dairy importer or agent should provide a testing report following the national food safety product standard, including the requirements of GB 2761 and GB 2762. 

For subsequent imports of dairy product, the test items are in the below table 1. those  test items be tested by China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ), then can pass the Imported Dairy Foods Health certificate.

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