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What application documents for Dairy Food China CNCA /GACC register?

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For Foreign Dairy Products CNCA registration, such application documents Should be collected and submitted to the CNCA:

1. Foreign Dairy manufacturing enterprise registration application form.
2. Official Certificate of Origin
3. Official health certificate
4. Product ingredients list and formula basis, and the origin and usage basis of raw and supplementary materials
5. Official Qualification certification for Dairy manufacturing enterprise (Food GMP or HACCP,etc ), and relevant on-site audit reports.
6.Product Safety Test Report issued by accredited organizations.
7. FSC-Free Sale Certificate
8. Official quarantine quarantine certificate (For Raw & Pasteurised Milk Products)
9. Original and Chinese packaging label sample.
10. Diagram of productive techniques, detailed explanation (including original and translated version) and related research materials
11. Product quality standards and its compiling explanation, and quality standards of raw and supplementary materials.
12. Other information helpful for evaluation


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