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Application documents for disinfectant China NHFPC(MOH) register

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For disinfectant Products, the follow application documents must be collected and submitted to the NHFPC(MOH):

1, The import disinfectant NHFPC(MOH) Permit Application Form
2, product R&D report
3, the product formula
4, the main active ingredient content and test methods
5 Production process and chart
6 product internal quality standards
7, the testing report conducted in the Country of Origin
8, Testing reports issued by the NHFPC(MOH) designated lab
9, the product label (including manual)
10, Authorization letter of NHFPC(MOH) registration angent in china  issued by the applicant manufacturer/ company.
11 Country (region)  of Origin to allow the production and sales documents ( Free sale certificate, etc.)
12 The disinfectantt samples