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Foreign Meat production enterprises CNCA / GACC registration

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All foreign production enterprises exporting meat to China (including all kinds of poultry and other meat products, as well as edible by-products and entrails) are required to apply for registration with the Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA).

Food products of foreign production enterprises not registered are banned from importation.

According to three regulations, namely the Import and Export Animal and Plant Quarantine Law and its implementing regulations, the Food Hygiene Law, Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law, and Regulations on the Administration of Registration of Foreign Production Enterprises of Imported Food, all registered foreign production enterprises must carry out the various stages of approval for eventual trade.

That includes the production, processing and storage of meats exported to China under the supervision of the competent departments in their resident country (region), and must mark the registration number approved by CNCA on the packaging of approved products.

When the products of registered foreign production enterprises are imported into China, they must be inspected and quarantined by China’s entry/exit inspection and quarantine department.

Products failing inspection and quarantine would be returned, destroyed or hygienically treated in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of China. Serious incidents could even result in the deregistration of the enterprises concerned.

The registration number of the foreign production enterprise is exclusive and may not be transferred to any third party for use. Should any registered foreign production enterprise be found to have exported products to China which are not its own nor have transferred its registration number to another enterprise, CNCA would revoke its registration.

Should any international organisation or the relevant department of the exporting country issue an epidemic notice, or the imported products be found to be infected during inspection and quarantine, or serious incidents of public health hazard occur, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (GACC) would suspend the import of all related products from the country concerned by means of issuing a public notice.

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