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GACC-1-2 Medium-risk food categories in GACC Decree 248

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Please note: For Manufacturers GACC registration, Each of the food category requires a separate GACC registration number, Each facility address requires a separate GACC registration number !
For each type of GACC registration, Requirements for GACC registration application documents,GACC registration process, GACC registration approval time,  GACC registration cost, CRA service fee, etc. are all different , Please see below:

Description of medium-risk food categories in Article 7 of GACC Decree 248;

For these food categories, beside the general GACC registration process, also need go through an additional recommendation process by foreign competent authority (GACC-1-2 process) ;

☼  GACC-1-2 Medium-risk food categories

Medium-risk food categories for Manufacturer Register (GACC-1-2 )














Facility activity types:         
  • Require an additional recommend registration procedure by the competent authority of the country of origin
  • Each Medium-risk food category needs to apply for GACC registration separately, Each food category neet to have a separate GACC registration number,
  • ☼  Description of medium-risk food categories listed in Article 7:

    No. Food categories Descriptions Chinese Descriptions
    1 Sausage Casings
    It refers to animal tissues that are salted or dried on the retained parts by using organs such as small intestine, large intestine and blader of healthy livestock, after special processing such as scraping and de-oiling, and is the casing for sausage. 是指利用健康家畜的小肠、大肠、清肠等器官,在保留部分腌制或干燥的动物组织,经过刮除、脱油等特殊处理,是香肠的肠衣。
    2 Bee Products
    Natural sweet substances made from nectar, secretions or honeydew of plants collected by honeys and mixed with their own secretions, as well as edible substances formed naturally or made by special techniques during reproduction and reproduction, including royal jelly, royal jelly powder, honey pollen, royal jelly freeze-dried powder, etc. 由蜂蜜采集的植物的花蜜、分泌物或蜜露与自身分泌物混合制成的天然甜味物质,以及在繁殖、繁殖过程中自然形成或采用特殊工艺制成的可食用物质,包括蜂王浆、蜂王浆粉、蜂蜜花粉、 蜂王浆冻干粉等
    3 Eggs And Egg Products
    (1) liquid egg products: Egg products made from fresh eggs after shelling and processing, such as whole egg liquid, egg yolk liquid and protein liquid.
    (2) Dried egg products: Egg products made from fresh eggs by shelling, processing, desugaring, drying and other processes, such as whole egg powder, egg yolk powder and protein powder.
    (3) Frozen egg products: Egg products made from fresh eggs by shelling, processing and freezing, such as frozen whole eggs, frozen egg yolk, ice protein, etc;
    (4) Remanufactured egg: Egg products processed by different processes such as salt, alkali, distiller's grains and brine with or without auxiliary materials, such as preserved egg, salted egg, salted egg yolk and etc.
    4 Edible Fats, Oils And Oilseeds
    Edible fat refers to the vegetable oil and edible vegetable oil for processing or consumption, and single products or mixtures of vegetable fat processed by one or more methods of refining and fractionation. Edible oil refers to the seeds of oil plants used for extracting edible vegetable oil, mainly including peanut and sesame for oil. 食用油脂是指用于加工或食用的植物油和食用植物油,以及采用一种或多种精炼和分馏方法加工而成的植物油脂的单一产品或混合物。 食用油是指用于提取食用植物油的油料植物种子,主要有花生、芝麻等油料。
    5 Stuffed Wheaten Products
    Refer to cooked or uncooked frozen products made with various raw materials as fillings and wheat flour as skins, such as steamed stuffed buns, jiaozi or pies. 指以各种原料为馅,以小麦粉为皮制成的熟或生的冷冻制品,如包子、饺子或馅饼。
    6 Edible Grains
    Refer to the seeds, roots and tuber products of cultivated plants such as cereals and potatoes, mainly including edible products of gramineous herbaceous seeds after rough processing, such as rice, oats and sorghum. 指谷类、马铃薯等栽培植物的种子、块根和块茎产品,主要包括禾本科草本种子粗加工后的食用产品,如水稻、燕麦、高粱等。
    7 Milled Grain Industry Products And Malt
    Refer to fine powdery products in which seeds, roots and tubers of cultivated plants such as cereals, potatoes, fruits and nuts are ground and screened for edible powder, or malt products formed after hydrolysis processing. 是指将谷类、马铃薯、水果、坚果等栽培植物的种子、块根、块茎研磨并筛选出可食用粉末的细粉状产品,或水解加工形成的麦芽产品。
    8 Fresh And Dehydrated Vegetables And Dried Beans
    Refer to fresh vegetables or dried vegetable products processed by fresh-keeping, dehydration, drying and other drying processes and dried beans. 指经保鲜、脱水、烘干等干燥工序加工而成的新鲜蔬菜或蔬菜干制品和豆干。
    9 Unroasted Coffee Beans And Cocoa Beans
    10 Condiments
    Refer to natural plant products such as plant fruits, seeds, flowers, roots, stems, leaves, skins or whole plants, which can be used directly with the functions of fragrant, flavouring and seasoning. 指植物果实、种子、花、根、茎、叶、皮或整株植物等天然植物产品,可直接使用,具有芳香、调味、调味等功能。
    11 Nuts And Seeds
    Nuts refer to the seeds of woody plants with hard shells, including walnuts, chestnuts, apricot kernels, almond kernels, pecans, pistachios, torreya grandis, Hawaiian fruits and pine seeds. Seeds refer to the seeds of melons, fruits, vegetables and other plants, including watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds. 坚果是指具有硬壳的木本植物的种子,包括核桃、栗子、杏核、杏仁核、山核桃、开心果、香榧、夏威夷果和松子。 种子是指瓜类、水果、蔬菜等植物的种子,包括西瓜子、南瓜子等。
    12 Dried Fruits
    Refer to the dried fruit products made from fresh fruits by sun drying, drying and other dehydration processes 指以新鲜水果为原料,经晒干、烘干等脱水工艺制成的干果制品。
    13 Foods For Special Dietary Purposes
    (1)Soybased infant formula: Refers to soy and soy protein products as the main raw material, adding the right amount of vitamins, minerals and / or other ingredients, using only physical methods of production and processing made suitable for normal infants and young children to eat liquid or powder products.
    (2) Special medical use formula, In order to meet the eating restrictions, digestive and absorption disorders, metabolic disorders or specific disease states of people with special needs for nutrients or diet, specially processed and formulated formula. Such products must be under the guidance of a doctor or clinical nutritionist, eaten alone or in conjunction with other foods.
    (3) Infant and toddler complementary foods, Including infant and toddler canned complementary foods and infant and toddler cereal complementary foods. Infant and toddler filling supplements are food materials processed, filling, sealing, sterilization or aseptic filling to commercial sterility, can be stored at room temperature for infants and toddlers over 6 months of age; infant and toddler cereal supplements are one or more cereals as the main raw material, and cereals account for more than 25% of the dry matter composition, add the appropriate amount of nutritional fortification and (or) other auxiliary ingredients, made by processing The supplementary food suitable for infants and toddlers above 6 months of age.
    (4) Others (supplemental nutritional supplements, sports nutrition food, etc.) Other to meet the special physical or physiological conditions and (or) to meet the special dietary needs of disease, disorders and other states, specially processed or formulated food.
    (2)特殊医学用途配方食品,指为了满足进食受限、消化吸收障碍、代谢紊乱或特定疾病状态人群对营养素或膳食的特殊需求,专门加工配制而成的配方食品。该类产品必须在医生或临床营养 师指导下,单独食用或与其他食品配合食用。
    14 Health Foods.
    Claim and have a specific health function or to supplement vitamins, minerals for the purpose of food. That is, suitable for consumption by a specific group of people, has the function of regulating the body, not for the purpose of treating disease, and does not produce any acute, subacute or chronic harm to the human body food. 声称并具有特定保健功能或以补充维生素、矿物质为目的的食品。 即适合特定人群食用,具有调节身体功能,不以治疗疾病为目的,对人体不产生任何急性、亚急性或慢性危害的食品。