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What are the reasons cause GACC registration failure?

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Some GACC applicants, want to save costs, do not entrust a professional third-party CRA to apply for GACC registration, but apply for GACC registration in the "single window" by themselves, but lead to a high failure rate, and in the end, they still neet to entrust a professional third-party CRA to solve the problem of GACC registration failure, finally, they not only did not save costs, but also waste a lot of time, resulting in export delays and greater losses;

We often receive urgent enquiries from GACC applicants:
"We have submitted an application for GACC registration in the single window, and it has been a long time, but it has not been approved, and we have received a response from GACC, what should I do?"

If the GACC registration application documents are correct, it will usually be approved by GACC in 1-2 weeks, or get GACC's reply for corrective action, if you have not received any reply from GACC, then there must be a problem in application process;

The most common reasons for registration failure are:

1. Wrong application type and category :
GACC registration is applied based on food categories. There are about 30 categories and 100 sub-categories in GACC-registered food categories. Each sub-category needs to apply for a separate GACC registration number. If the products of the manufacturer involve multiple categories, then they need to apply for multiple GACC registration numbers;

Different food categories need to apply for different types of China GACC registration,
There are 5 types GACC registrations:
1) GACC registration for overseas manufacturers of Low risk food ( GACC-1-1 type)
2) GACC registration for overseas manufacturers of Medium risk food ( GACC-1-2 type)
3) GACC registration for overseas manufacturers of High risk food ( GACC-1-3 type)
4) General GACC registration for overseas exporters of imported food ( GACC-2-1 type)
5)  GACC-CIQ registration for Chinese importers of imported food ( GACC-3-1 type)

2. Wrong classification for products listing :
GACC registration requires the listing of foods exported to China, and needs to fill in China’s HS code and CIQ code. The classification rules of foods in China and the country of origin may be different. Wrong classification of foods will lead to failure of GACC registration;

3. Incorrect application documents
Different types of GACC registrations for different food categories have different requirements for application materials,
The main application materials for GACC registrations include:

  • GACC registration application form
  • Business License for company
  • Production License for facility
  • Certificate of production management system
  • Recommendation letter from competent authority of country of origin (required for GACC-1-2, GACC-1-3 types)
  • Enterprise Information Form
  • Enterprise Commitment Statement
  • Processing flow chart
  • List of foods to be exported to China
  • List of Major raw materials & affiliated company
  • Product photos
  • Ingredient Formula
  • Chinese label
  • etc.
    These application documents need to meet the requirements of China's regulations and national standards; and some application materials also require Chinese versions.

    It is easy to make mistakes if you are not a professional in Chinese regulations;
    If all application documents are not submitted, or, if some of the application documents do not meet the requirements of GACC, it may lead to the failure of GACC registration;

    Moreover, if the applicant does not submit all the necessary application documents, the GACC will not start the review process, but the applicant thinks that he has completed the application and waits for the GACC review, it will resulting in both parties waiting in vain, wasting time;

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