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How to apply GACC product listing for products to be exported to China?

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All foods to be exported to China, the manufacturer need to apply for GACC listing before shipment, and only after being included in the "List of foods to be exported to China", then can pass the China customs clearance normally;

Apply GACC listing of imported food, can submit all products at the same time when applying for GACC registration of overseas manufacturer, or you can apply for additional GACC listing for other products after obtaining the manufacturer's GACC registration number;

Tips: When applying for the manufacturer's GACC registration, only apply for one main product listing first, after the manufacturer's GACC registration is approved, then apply for the GACC listing of other products, which can greatly shorten the GACC approval time,and improve the registration success rate;

The GACC listing of imported food is based on the food category. There are about 100 GACC imported food categories in total. For details, see: GACC Food Category Classification

If the food products you export to China involves multiple food categories, then each food category needs to apply for a separate GACC registration number for manufacturer;

The following is the process of applying for GACC listing of imported food:

   ☼  Step 1. Add new product GACC listing

   ☼  Step 2. Enter product information

   ☼  Step 3. Upload product photos and required documents

   ☼  Step 4. Check the list of products to be exported to China and make payment

   ☼  Step 5. GACC Approve the List of Products to be Exported to China

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