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Imported Foods GACC-CIQ Pre-declaration

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CIQ (China entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau) is the functional department under GACC responsible for the safety of all imported goods, include imported food.

All imported foods must pass through the inspection and quarantine process of CIQ after arriving at the Chinese Customs, and only after CIQ passes the inspection and quarantine , the Customs can approve the customs clearance;

CIQ's inspection and quarantine process is mainly divided into four procedures:

1. Imported food declaration:
2. Imported Chinese labeling review
3. Imported food formula review (For pre-packaged food)
4. Imported food safety inspection and quarantine (Include lab testing)

If the goods have arrived at the Chinese Customs but cannot pass the CIQ inspection and quarantine process, the Customs will reject the application for customs clearance of the goods, which will cause huge losses to the exporter.

Therefore, exporters should apply for CIQ pre-declaration before shipment to ensure that the GACC registration number of each product meets the requirements of CIQ before arranging for shipment, so as to avoid the loss of the goods arriving at the Chinese ports but unable to be cleared.

   ☼  1. Imported food declaration:

All imported foods are required to declare the detailed information of the goods to GACC-CIQ upon arrival at the Chinese Customs, and the most initial information about the goods includes:

1) Exporter's name and exporter's GACC registration number;
2) Manufacturer's name and manufacturer's GACC registration number;
3) The name of the goods, and the GACC product listing HS-CIQ code;
4) The name of the Chinese importer and the importer's GACC registration number;

If any of the GACC registration number is missing, or if the GACC registration number does not match the actual goods, the shipment cannot enter the customs clearance process.

And as the GACC requirement, the production date of all imported food products should after the approval date of the manufacturer's GACC registration number and product listing number;

Therefore, if the goods already arrived at China Customs, then find out that the GACC registration number is not meet the requirements, even if the exporter makes up for the GACC registration number, the CIQ may reject the application for customs clearance due to the date of production.

   ☼  2. Imported Chinese labeling review

According to the requirements of the "Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", in addition to some primary agricultural products, almost all imported food must have Chinese labels, the elements of Chinese labels must comply with the relevant labeling regulations and China national standards;

Each food category has its own specific Chinese labeling specifications, including the content, format, labeling methods, etc.;

During the China Customs clearance process, Chinese labeling samples must be submitted to the CIQ for inspection, only after pass CIQ inspection then can be allowed to clear customs.

   ☼  3. Imported food formula review (For pre-packaged food)

According to China's food safety regulations, all pre-packaged imported food formula ingredients must in the NHC ( National Health Commission of China ) approved list, including food additives, edible colorings, nutritional supplements, etc

Moreover, the NHC has strict regulations on each food additive ingredient, which category of food can be used, and the limit of the content used;

During the China Customs clearance process, the CIQ (Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of China) will inspect the ingredients formula list of each imported food, If does not meet the requirements of formula ingredients, It will not be cleared.

   ☼  4. Imported food safety inspection and quarantine (Include lab testing)

The quality indicators of all imported foods must meet the requirements of relevant Chinese food safety regulations and China national GB standards.

CIQ will sampling test imported foods. The testing items mainly include physical and chemical indicators, heavy metals, microbiologicals, prohibited ingredients, etc..

If it is fresh food, it is necessary to apply for "Animal and Plant Quarantine Inspection Certificate" and pass the quarantine process of CIQ before customs clearance. If the imported foods safety lab testing result does not meet the requirements, It will not be cleared.