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Section Code Section Name Guide
  Section  01    Milk and dairy product; 乳及乳制品
  Section  02    Fats and oils, and fat emulsions; 脂肪,油和乳化脂肪制品
  Section  03    Frozen drinks; 冷冻饮品
  Section  04    Fruits and vegetables (including roots and tubers), pulses and legumes, mushrooms and fungi, seaweeds, and nuts and seeds; 水果、蔬菜(包括块根类)、豆类、食用菌、藻类、坚果以及籽类等
  Section  05    Cocoa products, chocolate, and chocolate products (including imitations and chocolate substitutes), and candies; 可可制品、巧克力和巧克力制品(包括代可可脂巧克力及制品)以及糖果
  Section  06    Cereals and cereal products, including starches from rice, wheat flour, coarse grains, roots and tubers, legumes, and corn ; 粮食和粮食制品,包括大米、面粉、杂粮、块根植物、豆类和玉米提取的淀粉等
  Section  07    Bakery wares; 焙烤食品
  Section  08    Meat and meat products; 肉及肉制品
  Section  09    Aquatic products (including fish, crustaceans, shellfish, mollusks, and echinode, and their processed products); 水产及其制品(包括鱼类、甲壳类、贝类、软体类、棘皮类等水产及其加工制品等)
  Section  10    Eggs and egg products; 蛋及蛋制品
  Section  11    Sweeteners, including honey; 甜味料,包括蜂蜜
  Section  12    Condiments; 调味品
  Section  13    Foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses; 特殊膳食用食品
  Section  14    Beverages; 饮料类
  Section  15    Alcoholic beverages; 酒类
  Section  16    Other foods; 其他类

Category_Code Category Name    Risk_Tags    Guide
  13.0    Foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses; 特殊膳食用食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.01    Infant formula; 婴幼儿配方食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.01.01    Infant formulae food; 婴儿配方食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.01.02    Follow-up formula; 较大婴儿和幼儿配方食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.01.03    Formula for special medical purposes for infants; 特殊医学用途婴儿配方食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.02    Complementary foods for infants and young children; 婴幼儿辅助食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.02.01    Cereal-based complementary foods for infants and young children; 婴幼儿谷类辅助食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.02.02    Canned complementary foods for infants and young children; 婴幼儿罐装辅助食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.03    Nutritional supplements(Dietary supplements), Functional health foods; 营养补充剂,保健食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.04    Formula for special medical purposes; 特殊医学用途配方食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  13.05    Other foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses; 其他特殊膳食用食品 Risky Food. . Special Food
  14.07    Drink for special uses; 特殊用途饮料 Risky Food. . Special Food

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